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General Accountants Edmonton

General Accountants Edmonton Please be aware of the fact that not all general accountants Edmonton are as skilled and as experienced as Usha Pawluski. When keeping financial records is crucial to the success of your business operations, Usha Pawluski is the chartered accountant to call on. Send your email queries to

General accountants Edmonton are professionals who have expertise in finance, auditing, taxation and business strategy. Certified general accountants, or CGAs, must meet the education, experience and examination requirements established by CGA Canada. Provincial, territorial and offshore CGA affiliate associations work collaboratively with CGA as part of a Canadian federation. Usha Pawluski's team of professional accountants Edmonton are respected for their financial expertise, knowledge, and advice. When our firm is consulted, their skills and expertise are utilized by both private and public sectors.

Until the year 2004, the provinces of Quebec and Ontario only allowed Chartered Accountants, or CAs, to perform audits for public companies. In 2004, the government of Ontario passed legislation that enables general accountants Edmonton to practice public accounting under the reconstituted Public Accountants Council. Accountants perform audits and prepare financial statements and year-end projections. They are savvy strategists who analyse a business from every financial angle. Edmonton accounting professional Usha Pawluski emphasises honest personal relationships with all of her clients. Ms Pawluski's dedication to excellence is unwavering, so know you will be given the quality service you deserve. Entrepreneurs and small businesses and enterprises of all sizes are encouraged to speak with one of the chartered or general accountants Edmonton at the firm of Usha Pawluski as soon as possible. Speak with us about basic accounting services, budgetary analysis, tax services, personal debt management, tax planning and professional payroll services. We are conveniently located at #208 10050 112 Street in beautiful Edmonton, Alberta. Call 780.757.4814 or send an email to General Accountants Edmonton
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